The offsite workshop
at the CinemadaMare.

In 2016, the Moscow School of New Cinema with the international film festival CinemadaMare, opened an annual partner program.

Five students, whose projects win the contest, go to the offsite workshop to Italy. Within two months students shoot three short films. This is travelling program. Three films are shot in three different parts of Italy, from Venice to Sicily. The demonstration of the films made during the workshop takes place as part of a special program at the Venice Film Festival.

The participants of the workshop on the field form the crews, search for locations, conduct the casting. At the end of each cycle (three of them), the team presents a ten-minute film shot and edited.

At the CinemadaMare workshop, MSNC students practically apply the knowledge, which they received at the Moscow School of New Cinema, get acquainted with students from other film schools and have a good time.

CinemadaMare has been held since 2003. For 14 years it was visited by more than 300 beginning cinematographers from 50 countries of the world. Seminars and workshops in CinemadaMare are held by such famous directors as Mario Monicelli, Krzysztof Zanussi, Wim Wenders, Ken Loach, Mohsen Makhmalbaf and many others. The idea of ​​CinemadaMare is to unite young filmmakers from all over the world, to give them the opportunity to shoot their films and show them in public space.

More information about the CinemadaMare film festival can be found here.