About the school

Every time is concerned with building its own pictures of the world.

Goals and Objectives

The MSNC aims to release for the film industry directors, screenwriters, cameramen, actors, knowledge and skills that require modern cinema.
The school teaches to be sensitive.


An artist is a seeker of reality. Don't use the old tools, previous moves, styles. The old language lost its energy, fluid. And there is no point
in learning dead canons.

The «sold out» notice at the premiere of the Igor Poplahin's film.

On July 25, the Moscow premiere of the film «Calendar»
of the graduate of the MSNC Igor Poplauhin in the cinema
«Karo October 11». For the first time in the history of the this film theatre at the premiere of a short film (28 minutes) the big cinema hall was full.

The victory of the MSNC in Cannes
Film Festival and Kinotavr in 2018.

Short film by Igor Poplauhin «Calendar» was awarded
the second place in the competition program Cinéfondation
71 International Cannes Film Festival. Also, the film took the Grand Prix
in the short film competition of «Kinotavr».

MSNC at the film festival
«Message to Man».

Films of the graduates of the Moscow School of New Cinema in three competitive programs of the 18th International Film Festival «Message to Man». The festival will take place
on 15th – 22nd September, 2018, in St. Petersburg.

Cinema for the dead.
«Removal of man».

Arthur Aristakisyan. Open lecture.
Lecture for the «MSNC auditor».
In case there are vacant seats, all guests are welcome. Registration is required.

Doors Open Day at the Moscow
School of New Cinema.

Presentation of the school and educational programs, meeting with masters and curators of laboratories, introductory lectures on director's work with the actor,
on film directing and cinematography skills.

A cycle of open lectures at the
Moscow School of New Cinema.

The Moscow School of New Cinema will host an open lecture on «The Languages of Cinema. Change of paradigms»
in April. At the end of the this event will be organized
a roundtable discussion in the lecture hall.

All news and events
School events


День открытых дверей мастерской полного метра МШНК.

Тема: «Каким должно быть кино сегодня: Темы. Язык. Образ». 

Открытая лекция куратора лаборатории режиссуры монтажа Сергея Иванова.

Начало в 19.00

Открытая лекция Клима. «Драма. Драматический театр (классическая версия)».

Начало в 17.00

Евгений Худяков «Чем занимается театральный продюсер?».

Начало в 19.00

Онлайн-встреча с Дмитрием Мамулией и Николаем Ковальковым.

Начало в 19.00

Открытая лекция Тео Корта «Разработка образа» (на примере своих фильмов).

Начало в 19.00

Открытая лекция Виктора Алимпиева «Приключение: время».

Урок приурочен
к новому набору 2020.

День открытых дверей лаборатории режиссуры монтажа Сергея Иванова.

Начало в 19.00

День открытых дверей лаборатории неигрового кино.

Начало в 17.00

Открытый урок сценарной лаборатории Олега Дормана.

Разбор сцены на тему «Я получаю Оскар». 

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