Laboratory of cinematography
of Alexey Rodionov
Master of the laboratory is cinematographer Alexey Rodionov.

Alexey Rodionov is cameraman films of Elem Klimov, Kira Muratova, Sergey Bodrov, Vladimir Khotinenko, Alexander Kaidanovsky
and many others.

Subjects and courses

Terms and conditions

2 years (4 semesters)
360 000 rubles per year
Start of studying on October 1, 2022
Deadline for receipt of documents until September 20


Theses for the course feature film cameraman skills.

I'm not a teacher and I can't offer any academic course. 
You can learn how to make films only by shooting films and having a tendency to it. 
The profession of cameraman is first of all a craft, constant self-teaching and ability to work
in a team. 
Mistakes are inevitable and lead to the improvement of skills.

The main means of expression and responsibility zone of the cameraman is light fixtures and lighting. The complexity of this tool in the balance of expressiveness and the impression of naturalness,
the implication of the method of its application.

It's extremely important to understand that the same result can be achieved in different ways. 
I'm committed to realistic cinema and strive for the imperceptibility of my work. 
Effective lighting, attracting the attention of the camera and beautiful frames destroy the narrative.

The process of transferring knowledge and skills must necessarily be two-sided, include a dialogue 
and disputation. 
I was taught the need to adapt to the constant change of time requirements and specific projects within half-century working in filmmaking. I am ready to share this experience.

Alexey Rodionov

Master of the laboratory

Alexey Rodionov is an outstanding cameraman-director, Honored Artist of Russia (1996).

Alexey Rodionov has been Sally Potter’s long-term cinematographer since their first collaboration
on ORLANDO in 1992. He was born in Moscow, Russia where he attended the Russian State University
of Cinema. Upon graduating, he became the camera assistant to the eminent Russian cinematographer Sergey Urusevsky, and worked on his last film SING YOUR SONG, POET. Since then, he has worked
on a number of Russian and international productions, including Elem Klimov's COME AND SEE
and Lavinia Carrier’s A PASSION IN THE DESERT.

Credits (feature films)

International projects:

  • 2016  THE PARTY  director Sally Potter  UK
  • 2004  YES   director Sally Potter  UK
  • 2001  WHERE ESKIMOS LIVE   director Andgei Vishnevskij   Germany-Poland
  • 2001  EISENSTEIN    director Renny Bartlett  Germany-Canada
  • 2000  CINDERELLA   director Beeban Kidron UK
  • 1998  RED SHOE'S DIARY (6 episodes)   director Rafael Einsmann  USA
  • 1997  A PASSION IN THE DESER   director Lavinia Carrier  USA
  • 1996  TALK OF ANGELS    director Nick Hamm  UK-Spain
  • 1992  ORLANDO  director Sally Potter  UK

USSR-Russia projects:

  • 2014  УХОДЯЩАЯ НАТУРА mini-serial  director Dmitri Iosifov
  • 2011  BEDUIN director Igor Voloshin
  • 2010  GENERATION P director Victor Ginsburg
  • 2008  ADMIRAL director Andrei Kravchuk
  • 2004  SHTRAFBAT(PENAL BATTALION)  mini-serial director Nikolai Dostal
  • 2002  THE SUMMER RAIN  director Alexander Atanesian
  • 2000  24 HOURS  director  Alexander Atanesian
  • 1995  THE MUSLIM director Vladimir Chotinenko
  • 1992  I WANTED TO SEE ANGELS  director Sergei Bodrov
  • 1990  THE KEROSINE SELLAR'S  director Alexander Kaidanovski
  • 1988  SHURA AND PROSVIRNIAK  director  Nikolai Dostal
  • 1985  COME AND SEE director  Elem Klimov
  • 1983  AMONG GREY STONES  director Kira Muratova
  • 1982  FAREWELL  director Elem Klimov