Video Art
Video Art Laboratory
of Victor Alimpiev
Master of the laboratory

Victor Alimpiev is a Russian artist, one of the most prominent figures in contemporary art. His works are included in the collections of leading Russian and Western museums.

Subjects and courses

Terms and conditions

2 years (4 semesters)
175 000 rubles per year
Start of studying on October 1, 2022
Deadline for receipt of documents until September 20


Victor Alimpiev about what the students
of the videoart laboratory will learn:

The product is preceded by an event or an unexpected encounter. It can be a random «garbage» thought, observation, the discovery of a strange emotion. Something that doesn’t belong to the field
of art and obviously has no convective value, but it gives an exciting promise. The beginning
of the work is looking at this meeting and making a decision about following it.

This meeting is the initial thought, which needs to be taken care of. On the one hand, it needs to be cleaned and mainly cleaned up the cliche, where the thought rolls down the line of least resistance,
on the other hand, it needs to build up its own narrative.

In the work on the object of art the choice of tuning forks plays an important role. I mean phenomena from other areas of culture that you can be oriented without the danger of epigonism.

You should not confuse the independence with the absence of external narratives. It creates an effect, which distinguishes art from mass cultures. The object of art is regarded as such only
if it is autonomous, otherwise it will not just arise. Everything that we see, in our case, occurs here
and only here on the screen.

At our classes we will learn:

  • peer and sing out the one meeting, decide to follow it
  • to choose tuning forks
  • to cultivate a work purifying it from dependence on external narratives as justifications