A cycle of open lectures at the
Moscow School of New Cinema.

The Moscow School of New Cinema will host an open lecture
on «The Languages of Cinema. Change of paradigms» in April.
At the end of the this event will be organized a roundtable discussion in the lecture hall. We invite applicants and everyone who wants to attend the lectures of leading MSNC teachers.

«But the new content needs a new form!» 
André Bazin «Evolution of Cinematographic Language»

Program of lecture (registration by reference):

  • April 9, 19.00 - Oleg Aronson. «What is the language of cinema silent about?»
  • April 9, 20.45 - Evgeniy Meisel. «Michelangelo Antonioni: through the criticism of modern times
    in free radicalism».
  • April 13, 19.00 - Alexander Sosland. «Images of madness in cinema: the destruction
    of rationality».
  • April 14, 19.00 - Arthur Aristakisyan. «Bedlam».
  • April 17, 19.00 - Victor Alimpiev. «Only here».
  • April 18, 19.00 - Vadim Rudnev «Change of paradigms in cinema and the philosophy
    of the New Tragedy».
  • April 19, 19.00 - Igor Poplakhin. «The Untold Decade».
  • April 20, 19.00 - Elena Petrovskaya. «Series against the language of cinema».
  • April 24, 19.00 - Maxim Semenov. «Why do we watch old movies?»
  • April 25, 19.00 - Dmitriy Mamulia. Bakur Bakuradze. «Zero's over. Search for a language».
  • April 26, 20.45 - Maria Ignatenko. «Inflated gesture».
  • April 27, 18.00 - roundtable discussion «Cinema Languages. Change of paradigms».

Participants: Alexander Sosland, Gennadiy Kostrov, Dmitriy Mamulia, Arthur Aristakisyan, Oleg Aronson, Elena Petrovskaya, Evgeniy Mayzel, Vadim Rudnev, Mikhail Ratgauz, Viktor Alimpiev, Ksenia Golubovich, Maxim Semenov, Igor Poplauhin, Katerina Beloglazova, Maria Ignatenko, Alexey Artamonov.

At the end of the lecture course, a roundtable discussion devoted to summing up the results
of 2000-2010 will be held in the cinema:

  • Is there a sharp change of paradigms in the cinema now?
  • Why does the movie of 2000's go away?
  • Can we apply our knowledge about the history of classical cinema to build any predictions?
  • «Untitled» decade. How will the cinema, which is being shot today, be called in the 2020's?

The most interesting lectures and a roundtable discussion will be broadcast online in social networks and on youtube.

The Moscow School of New Cinema opened a set for the 2018/2019 academic year:

  • Directing workshop
  • Isabel Stever’s Laboratory
  • Fred Kelemen's Laboratory
  • Arthur Aristakisyan’s Laboratory
  • Cameraman's laboratory
  • Oleg Dorman’s screenwriting laboratory
  • Sasha Denisova’s Laboratory of dramaturgy 
  • Victor Alimpiev's Video Art Laboratory
  • Acting education course (laboratory)

The beginning of studying is October 1, 2018. 
Deadline for acceptance of documents is September 20, 2018.

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